Episode #21 of The Other Side of the Bell – A Trumpet Podcast: Mario Guarneri

Below are a few samples of tunes performed, arranged, and in some cases, composed by Jazz in the Neighborhood musicians:

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Bobbe Norris

“I’d Rather Be Here” by Bobbe Norris

“The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else” by Bobbe Norris

Klobas/Kesecker Ensemble

“Two Sisters” by The Klobas/Kesecker Ensemble


“Wayne’s Refrain” by Jeffrey Burr Trio

“Born to be Blue”by the Steve Heckman Quartet

“Throw It Away” by Jackie Ryan Quartet

“Wild Women (Don’t Have Blues)” by Pamela Rose Quartet

“I Cover the Waterfront” by Noel Jewkes Quartet

“Harvest Moon” by Dee Bell & Marcos Silva Trio

“Tchavolo Swing” by Le Hot Jazz Quartet 

“Illuku” by Sheldon Brown.

“High Sense of Adventure”  by Beth Custer Ensemble.

“This Can’t Be Love”  by Wesla Whitfield.

“Living Room” by Nicolas Bearde

“Sermon in Blue” by Tammy Hall. Album: Blue Divine.

“Morning Song of a Falcon” by San Francisco ChamberJazz Quartet.

“Lagniappe” by Ben Goldberg.

“Richard’s House of Blues by Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait & Switch.

“I’ll Fly Away” by Jeff Denson.

“Next Time” by Mike Scott. Album: Fallen Peach

“Cleopatra and the Viper” by Noel Jewkes.

“One Morning in May” by Jeff Buenz

“Tipitina” by Ruth Davies Quartet. Album: S.E. Willis Live at the Poorhouse

Baubles, Bangles and Beads” by Madeline Eastman. Madeline Eastman, vocals. Randy Porter, piano. Rufus Reid, bass. Matt Wilson, drums. Album: Can You Hear Me Now?

“Jumpin at the Border” by Josh Workman.

“Cascades” by John Calloway.

“Nisha’s Dream by Randy Vincent.

“Idea No. 24 Intro by TRUMPETSUPERGROUP.

“Somebody’s Watching You” by Marcus Shelby Quintet. Marcus Shelby, bass. Ila Cantor, guitar. Tim Angulo, drums. Tiffany Austin, vocals.

“Sweet Lorraine” by Guarneri Jazz Quartet. Mario Guarneri, trumpet. Akira Tana, drums. Randy Vincent, guitar. John Wiitala, bass.

“Devil May Care by Dan Zemelman & Mads Tolling

“Help Me Make It Through The Night” by Kellye Gray.

“Cheek to Cheek” by Clairdee.

“Enology” by FivePlay Jazz Quintet. Tony Corman, guitar. Laura Klein, piano. Dave Tidbell, reeds. Alan Hall, drums. Paul Smith, bass. Album: Five & More

“Here’s To Life” by Faith Winthrop

“Deixa” by Sandy Cressman. Album: Brasil Sempre no Coração

“Birmingham” by Marcus Shelby

“Crescent Boulevard” by Erik Jekabson

“Hope For Now” by the Asian American Jazz Trio. Akira Tana, drums. Kei Akagi, piano. Rufus Reid, bass

“The Silver Fox” by Erik Jekabson. Erik Jekabson, trumpet. Michael Abraham, guitar. John Wiitala, bass. Smith Dobson, drums.

“Dedication” by Wayne Wallace.

“Brother Kelvin” by Jon Herbst. Jon Herbst, piano. Greg Reginato, guitar. Andy Dillard, drums. Terry Miller, bass

“Suk” by Darren Johnston. Performed by the Trans-Global People’s Chorus. Lead vocal: Tiffany Austin. Trumpet solo: Darren Johnston