The Jazz in the Neighborhood Big Band

Historically, the big band has played a major role in the development of individual jazz players and singers. It’s also fertile ground for composers and arrangers.

Most jazz education programs feature a big band as their main performance group. It’s where students learn musicianship—playing in time, in tune, and in the appropriate style—while having fun and building improvisation skills.

The big band is also a home for adult performers who don’t necessarily make a living in the music world, but love jazz and want to play it on a regular basis.

It was clear to us from the start that we’d need a big band to serve these groups, and to represent the talented professionals in the greater Bay Area. With support from Zellerbach Family Foundation, the American Federation of Musicians, and the generosity of individual donors, the Jazz in the Neighborhood Big Band has become a reality.

The JitN Big Band has performed in Oakland, Richmond, and San Francisco. Each performance has included participation from youth or amateur musicians. In many ways, the big band has become the face of Jazz in the Neighborhood.


JitN musicians are selected for their musicianship and individual mentorship and educational specialties by our advisory panel. If you are professional jazz musician working anywhere in the Bay Area, we invite you to consider joining our roster and making your next performance a Jazz in the Neighborhood event.  Here’s how it works:

  • A Jazz in the Neighborhood performance ensures a guaranteed wage to all participating musicians, additional event publicity through Jazz in the Neighborhood channels, and a contribution to the Musicians Union Local 6 pension plan.

  • To qualify as a JITN event, we ask venues to contribute at least one third of the cost of musicians’ fees, musicians to consider joining the musician’s union, and the event to permit the distribution of Jazz in the Neighborhood fundraising materials.

Click here if you would like to learn more about joining our roster.