Thank you for creating this great model

I am a professional jazz drummer and composer and bandleader and have been performing for 40 years……in Mass., NYC, and other areas and tours. I just saw your organization, and think it is a wonderful idea! Thank you for creating this great model! We have similar issues out here in Western Mass., where I am currently based. Venues trying to get musicians to play for the door, or well under priced wages, no real union support anymore, young music students who will play for free for exposure, leaving the professionals out of work, and more. We have no musicians emergency funds for disasters or health care issues, or aging. Myself, having come through and recovered from illness and unemployment and home loss and recently the death of my spouse, there is very little safety net. Most of the gigs in local venues here pay only $50-$75.00 and use tip jars. It is demeaning. I just wanted to thank you so much for this model, and wish you success and applaud your efforts! I hope we may be able to start something similar out our way to help jazz and everyone playing it. Bless you all! — Claire


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