Dima and the Al Molina Quartet

Sunday, April 8, 4:30pm at Bird & Beckett

Dima Birich, vocals  – Al Molina, trumpet — Larry Chinn, piano — Ron Belcher, bass

Trumpeter Al Molina and Dima blend their two voices presenting a repertoire and style paying tribute to Chet Baker and his musical works.  Covering music associated with Chet Baker from his beginnings in the early 1950s to his death in 1988, this ensemble showcases through music and lyric an etching of the feeling and the aura of the post-World War II/Korean War era when romance and melancholia filled the air.

This is a Guaranteed Fair Wage Fund event where each musician will be paid $150 in advance, regardless of ticket sales. Jazz in then Neighborhood makes this possible by subsidizing 40% of their pay. Bird & Beckett and the Jazz Philanthropists Union guarantees the rest. For tickets and other information, please contact Bird & Beckett.

Bird & Beckett — 653 Chenery Street, San Francisco