Rhonda Benin

Saturday, September 1 at Cafe Pink House

Vocalist Rhonda Benin breezes in with her unique combination of jazz, blues, and soul with a show featuring the tunes of Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers, along with Rhonda’s original tunes. “Rhonda Benin is a tremendously assured singer who inhabits the celebratory zone where jazz, soul and blues fraternize freely.” Joining Rhonda will be Tammy Hall (piano), Ron Belcher (bass), Rob Rhodes (drums), and Geechi Taylor (trumpet).

This is a Guaranteed Fair Wage Fund event where each musician will be paid $150 in advance, regardless of ticket sales. Jazz in then Neighborhood makes this possible by subsidizing 40% of their pay. Cafe Pink House guarantees the rest. For tickets and other information, please contact Cafe Pink House.

Cafe Pink House — 14577 Big Basin Way, Saratoga


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