230 Jones Street

Friday, February 22, 5:30-8 pm at Bird & Beckett

Ray Loeckle, reeds — Jerry Logas, reeds — Glen Deardorff, guitar — Dean Reilly, bass — Tony Johnson, drums

The 230 Jones Street, Local 6 Literary Jazz Band — aka The Chuck Peterson Quintet —  are five musicians whose history on the local jazz scene dates back 60 years to the very early 1950s.

The band was originally formed by multi-instrumentalist Chuck Peterson (tenor sax, baritone sax, flute), who was a union activist in his prime years (the 1950s and 1960s), hence  his nod to the address of Local 6 of the American Federation of Musicians, where he and his cohorts made sure they could make a decent living at their craft by banding together and defining and defending their rights.

It was Chuck who got jazz going at Bird & Beckett on a weekly basis in October 2002. He volunteered that he’d provide musicians if we’d provide the venue and pay what we could. We both kept our word. Chuck is retired now, living up in Petaluma, and rarely makes an appearance anymore, but this band comprises musicians that were friends and colleagues of his all through the years.

This is a Guaranteed Fair Wage Fund event where each musician will be paid $150 in advance, regardless of ticket sales. Jazz in then Neighborhood makes this possible by subsidizing 40% of their pay. Bird & Beckett and the Jazz Philanthropists Union guarantees the rest. For tickets and other information, please contact Bird & Beckett.

Bird & Beckett — 653 Chenery Street, San Francisco


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