Passing Dreams Trio

Saturday, June 22, 7:30 pm at Bird & Beckett

This incarnation of Passing Dreams Trio will be bassist Frank Tusa, tabla player William Rossel, and guitarist Randy Vincent.

The trio’s ancestry is Lookout Farm, a seven-piece band from the 1970s led by saxophonist Dave Liebman notable for the merging of Indian classical instrumentation and rhythms with rock guitar and drum impulses into a jazz superstructure.

This is a Guaranteed Fair Wage Fund event where each musician will be paid $150 in advance, regardless of ticket sales. Jazz in the Neighborhood makes this possible by subsidizing 40% of their pay. Bird & Beckett and the Jazz Philanthropists Union guarantees the rest. For tickets and other information, please contact Bird & Beckett.

Bird & Beckett — 653 Chenery Street, San Francisco


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