Our Sponsors & Benefactors

Jazz in the Neighborhood extends its deepest appreciation to our sponsors and benefactors, who along with our members, make everything possible.

Granting organizations

Challenge to Learning School
Generations in Jazz Foundation
Guarneri Family Fund
JEC Foundation
Marin Community Foundation
Music Performance Trust Fund, AFM Local 6
San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music
Sing for America Foundation
Zellerbach Family Foundation

Business partners

Avatar Community Business Center
Bananas at Large
Berp and Co.
California Jazz Conservatory
Emerald Tablet
Good Earth Natural Foods
Magic Flute
Piedmont Center for the Arts
San Francisco Conservatory of Music
San Francisco Culinary Ventures

Major donors

Miles Anderson
Ipek & Christopher Burnett
George Cotsirilos
James Joseph Haas Estate
Dent Hand
Mario Guarneri
Susan Kauffman
Robert Kennedy
Jennifer Maxwell
Cheri Njemanze
David & Suzanne Warner

Donated professional services

Jana Anderson, Studio A Design
Alex Aspinall, Wiggleroom Web Design
Giuseppe Dezza, Photography
Jon Herbst, Coventry Studios
Richard Jett, Video/Film Production
Lauraine Rose, Editing
Beth Slatkin, Grantwriting
Elizabeth Vasile, Genius Loci

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