Scott Amendola vs Wil Blades

Wednesday, February 28, 8pm at California Jazz Conservatory

The duo of Wil Blades and Scott Amendola conjure various sonic deities though the magic of organ and drums. It started when Scott had the vision of performing Duke Ellington’s “Far East Suite” in duo with Wil. While quite a daunting task translating a suite (originally written for a big band) into duo, the Hammond Organ had previously been used in the 1940’s and 1950’s to emulate the sound of big bands. With Wil’s knowledge of this tradition and Scott’s desire to push boundaries, they were able to pull it off in an explorative, yet cohesive manner. The duo continues to perform the Ellington suite in their live performances, while also developing their original material. In performance, Amendola and Blades cover everything from Avant Garde to Funk, Bebop to Rock.

Purchase tickets for this Jazz in the Neighborhood event through the CJC box office.


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