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The Jazz in the Neighborhood community is

The Jazz In the Neighborhood community brings together talented musicians, passionate audience members, dedicated volunteers, and generous sponsors.

our mission

Jazz in the Neighborhood works to improve the economics of jazz performance in the Bay Area by presenting affordable concerts, paying musicians a guaranteed wage, and supporting the work of established and aspiring jazz artists.

Our motto is Art • Equity • Access.

ART • Jazz is often called the one truly American art form. We honor that legacy while supporting exploration and new approaches to the genre. Jazz in the Neighborhood events provide a space for jazz musicians to be creative, spontaneous, and expressive in their interpretation of music. Our Emerging Artists program nurtures the upcoming generation of jazz musicians through mentoring and opportunities to learn on the bandstand.

EQUITY •  Jazz musicians have long been participants in the “gig” economy. Very few have the security of regular employment playing jazz, especially with the decline of union representation. For many, the economics of jazz performance has become a cut of ticket sales, a tip jar, maybe a free meal, and often a day job. This kind of remuneration hardly seems fair given the knowledge, skill, and practice that’s required to become a jazz musician. So unlike many concert producers, Jazz in the Neighborhood guarantees musicians a fair wage when they perform at our events. We encourage all venues to join us in paying a guaranteed fair wage to jazz musicians.

ACCESS • We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy live jazz in a comfortable, acoustically appropriate setting at an affordable price. Many of our shows are free. When events have an admission charge, we keep the price reasonable and never turn anyone away for lack of funds. Please take a look at our events blog and calendar page for upcoming concerts.

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