Dillon Vado’s Table Trio

Wednesday, May 15, 7:30 pm at California Jazz Conservatory

Dillon Vado’s Table Trio is a wildly original group led by Dillon Vado, who will be playing both vibraphone and marimba, along with Jeff Denson on bass and Hamir Atwal on drums. They are known for their thoughtful and unique interpretations of familiar songs,  strong but mysterious grooves, and memorably melodic original pieces. From David Bowie to Bill Evans, the Table Trio interprets and reimagines pieces, offering a different setting for them to exist, while still striving to emphasize and strengthen the existing sense of melodic character.

Additionally, Vado has composed original music for the group, which has been carefully thought out and arranged to feature each member of the trio, highlighting their strengths musically. Vado’s music is known for being relatable and accessible, but also light on its  feet, and able to change directions on a dime. With the unusual presentation of  both the vibraphone and marimba, the audience will experience the deep earthy timbre of the marimba contrasting and grounding the lush and focused pitch of the vibes.

Vocalist Danielle Wertz appears as guest artist, along with Jazz in the Neighborhood’s Emerging Artist Paulos Thomas on sax.

Rendon Hall at the California Jazz Conservatory, 2040 Addison St. Berkeley
$20 general admission / $10 full-time students


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