Jazz in the Neighborhood featured on Ezvid Wiki!

Jazz in the Neighborhood is proud to be featured on Ezvid Wiki’s list, “6 Nonprofits Nurturing the Love of Music”. From their post:

Music is an art form that goes beyond borders. It has the power to heal, bring people together, and inspire. Whether you are seeking ways to connect with or learn about the medium, or simply looking to discover new artists and traditions, the following are some organizations that work to nurture musical expression.

Beginning the list at #1 is Jazz in the Neighborhood. This organization works to improve the musical gig economy in the Bay Area by presenting affordable concerts, paying musicians a guaranteed wage, and supporting the work of established and aspiring jazz artists. The group launched the Guaranteed Fair Wage Fund to encourage venues and presenters to pay musicians a minimum fee up front, regardless of ticket sales. When event revenue does not cover the cost of the agreed upon compensation, JITN can help make up the difference.

You can read more at this link. Thanks, Wiki.ezvid.com!


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