December 11th: Akira Tana and Otonowa at the West Oakland Sessions

Inspired by the tragic events in 2011 following the Earthquake-Tsunami in Northern Japan (Tohoku), Otonowa was formed to provide spiritual healing through music to the communities devastated by these tragic events that claimed over 20,000 lives. The group toured Tohoku for seven consecutive years before the pandemic. Three recordings were made and the group is presently celebrating the release of their fourth recording, “Wind and Light.” The music Otonowa plays are jazz interpretations of Japanese folk and pop melodies, some dating back to the 1700’s. The group employs traditional Japanese instruments like the shakuhachi, fue, and fan drums in addition to instruments traditionally used in a jazz group—bass, piano, drums and a variety of reed instruments. The group members are in addition to drummer and leader Akira Tana, pianist Ben Stolorow, reed specialist Masaru Koga, and bassist Ken Noriyuki Okada. Guest performer Jimi Nakagawa joins on Taiko drums for this performance.

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